20,000 Stronger

My pledge for the New Year.

I've set a really big goal for 2016. It's bigger than anything SAPT has achieved to date. It requires the full support of pretty much anyone I have ever come in contact with and many more I don't yet know!

For every training session we deliver in 2016, I will set aside $1 to donate to each client's choice of three charities (Alzheimer's Association, Side-Out Foundation, or Special Olympics). My goal is to make a minimum of a $20,000 total donation at the end of the year in the name of all our clients and supporters.

I am committing fully to this goal by announcing it today and humbly asking for your support throughout the year to help us achieve it. We will not get there without the fanatic support of our friends, family, clients, and followers. 

What can you do to help? 
Training with us is the most direct way, of course, but even if you are unable to train with us in-person, there are many ways to help us get 20,000 Stronger:

  • Get the word out by sharing our content 
  • Refer SAPT to your friends and colleagues 
  • Follow us and engage on social media
  • Introduce us to media outlets that need a great provider of weight-loss, health, fitness, sports performance, injury prevention, and post-rehab content or expertise
  • Connect us with corporations that are looking for help making their wellness programs more impactful (our services are completely scalable)
  • Distance coaching! Don't let geography be a barrier. Distance coaching will count towards our goal, too!

I'm pumped for this year and I sincerely hope you are just as excited for your own goals. Please reach out to us (via the "get started" link on our home page), or in the comments section, if you have any questions or great ideas on how we can achieve 20,000 Stronger. 

Wishing you the best,

Sarah Walls, Founder & President, Strength & Performance Training, Inc.

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P.S. - We delivered about 10,000 sessions last year, so when I say we need your support... I really mean it!