We Lifted Nine Elephants

Week 1 of our 2016 initiative 20,000 Stronger is officially complete! One of the (many) ways we're having fun as we strive towards this goal is by tracking weight lifted for the Big 3 and total repetitions for push-ups and pull-ups.

20k Stronger Week01.png

Just based on our first week's totals, it's clear that after 365 days of training, we'll be posting some insanely large numbers. In deadlift alone, we've already lifted the approximate weight of nine elephants! But, what I'm MOST proud of is the quality of these repetitions. 

At SAPT, we practice excellent repetitions. So, while you look at these huge numbers grow over the coming months, remember we hold ourselves, as coaches, and SAPT trainees to the very high standard of excellence in movement execution. 

What does that matter? It makes all the difference in the world. Perfect repetitions ensure that all SAPT atheltes remain safe and are only using loads their bodies can handle with perfect form. This builds an incredible foundation from which we build superior athletic performance.

If you are unfamiliar with our practices, here are some videos showing examples and some of the variations that will compose the growing total of pounds lifted and repetitions completed. 


Bench Press: