"Get Smarter" Links for the Weekend

Here are some great articles that I came across this week and will, undoubtedly, increase your knowledge. 

Since I wrote about being fat-adapted early this week, I thought I'd stick with that theme for the links this week. 

Mark Sisson wrote about how being fat-adapted boosts performance, which was pretty cool. I think, especially in the long-distance/runner community, it's all about the carbs and carb-ups, and did you eat your carbs? I'm not anti-carb, but I think that athletes out there should know they can try the fat-adapted route without conking out on a long run. I personally go for a long run once a week and I feel totally fine without eating carbs before or after.

In the same vein, authoritynutrition.com had a post that rounded up a bunch of studies of fat vs. carb fueled. Again, I'm not saying everyone should eat this way, but the "conventional wisdom" doesn't fit every body's metabolism. 

In case you didn't read the link from the NY Times article on junk food, you should READ IT. It's really fantastic. In fact, Josh and Chuck from Stuff You Should Know (my absolute favorite podcast) did a whole show on junk food that was pretty interesting, I highly recommend it (and all their other shows...). Anyone who talks to me for an hour or more will at some point hear a fact from their show. 

That's it for this week. If nothing else, you have a whole archive of podcasts about stuff you should know (seriously, it's pretty awesome).