Everyone Loves A Great Core Exercise

Who doesn’t like to spice up the ab/core training routine a bit? The top 5 things I get asked by people regarding  their programs are:

1. Can I get some more core exercises?

2. How about some more core exercises next time?

3. Can you put in some more core strengthening work?

4. I really want to work my core, can you give me more exercises for that?

5. Core?

Welcome to my life.

Clearly, folks understand the importance of a strong, stable core. If you are involved in any sort of athletics, or you know, any human movement, a strong midsection will absolutely be essential to prevent injuries and increase power output (aka, how fast, explosive, or strong you’re able to be).

Well, I’ve got just the thing for you core-crazy trainees:


PUPP with Kettlebell Drag

Key points:

- Keep feet slightly wider than a normal PUPP (push-up position plank) stance to help control and stabilize the hips. Pretend there is a glass of water on your lower back and you don’t want to spill it.

- Speaking of your hips, keep those suckers as level as possible. Glenna does a pretty great job of it in the video (well done, Glenna!).

- Squeeze your butt and abs (do I even need to say that part?) as hard as humanly possible throughout the exercise.

- Start off with a lighter bell because just moving your hands around can be challenging. Once you can keep your hips stable, then move up in weight.

There you have it! Throw a few sets into your workout to get your midsection a power-transferring machine!