SAPT Technique Tip: Arm + Knee Supported Dumbbell Row

Trotting along the theme of row technique, today’s video breaks down the nuances of the bent over row with the arm and knee supported.

I love this variation, and yet again, it’s often poorly executed. Check yourself out in the mirror next time you perform this or have someone watch you to make sure you’re not falling into one of these traps!


Main points:

Many people round the upper and lower back too much, don’t even retract their shoulder blade at all, and wind up shoving their shoulder into their ear.

On the flip side, some folks extend/arch their lower back and neck too much and can set themselves up for injury at those locations. Also, this lends itself to instability which will limit the amount of weight you can actually row.

I see people all the time lean too far forward in their toes (heel is off the ground) which also makes them feel unstable. Instead, you should sit back in the heel of the foot that’s on the ground and most of your weight should be in your hips. This creates a much more stable position and the row becomes markedly easier to perform correctly.

Neutral spine all they way.