Good Reads for the Weekend-- Protein, Nutrition Myths, and the Truth about Cleanses

Here are a couple of good reads for the long weekend ahead.

I’m sure there will be some people will have a cookout or friend-gathering where food is involved. Don’t be afraid to eat an extra helping of meat. Precision Nutrition has a great article about what eating “high-protein” actually means. If you’ve heard any of the dire warnings of kidney or bone damage due to protein intakes, you need to read this, like, now.

Speaking of busting myths, Susan Kleiner at Girls Gone Strong has a great article about three nutritional myths that can hinder athletic performance and development. It’s a must read for any ardent trainee or competitive athlete.

The marketing hype around “cleanses” is just reeeedikulous. Therefore any article that digs under the surface of the thin layer of hype and exposes the truth of cleanses, makes me happy. Brandon Morrison from Lift Big, Eat Big filled that bill.

And lastly, here’s an article I wrote over two years ago where I reviewed the sensational “Forks Over Knives” documentary; really it was urging all of us to think more critically when it comes to nutritional information- especially when that information is using fear tactics.

That should tide you over for the long weekend. Happy Labor Day!