Upcoming: Perseverance Series

Next week, we will start our perseverance series. The series will highlight different experiences that I've had over the last 15 years with the clients, athletes, and staff members and showcase that when the going got tough, they just kept going.

Perseverance involves the repeated focus on details while keeping an eye always on the larger goal.

One of the things that has been, and continues to be, infinitely amazing to me is people's ability to continue to forge forward in the face of major roadblocks. Even when it seems like their goal is unreachable, they will continue onward. Sometimes it may seem like they're moving laterally, and not making progress. Other times, it may be clear that they've taken steps backwards. But in the end, all of these people we will highlight have continued with an eye towards the long term and have kept that perspective of what it is that they want to achieve.

I'm excited to offer up this series in these highlights because there are amazing things happening around all of us all the time. Sometimes you just have to look for it!

Please stay tuned.