Performance Nutrition: Caffeine Supplementation

Personally, coffee is my favorite supplement for both life and training. With the right amount of caffeine, both my brain and body feel sharp and ready in quick order. And a good, strong cup of joe has been the precursor to many important business ideas and breakthrough training sessions.

But, the research and individual reactions to ingesting it varies.


The Perfect Pour-Over

The Perfect Pour-Over

This stimulant can definitely help your workout, but it might not be for everyone. While it can increase power output and may modestly increase adrenaline frequent consumption will decrease these effects. To prevent this from happening, cycle caffeine usage or save it for special occasions like heavy workout days or for competitions. If you are a habitual coffee drinker I’m sorry to tell you that the adrenaline/power output boosting features of caffeine supplementation will be lost on you. However, it may still assist in keeping you alert.

PRO TIP – If you are an NCAA or professional athlete, there are limits to how much caffeine you are allowed to take. Check with your organization to make sure you aren’t overdoing it.

Some people do not respond well to caffeine, as it may cause them to feel jittery. If this happens you can try one of two things:

1 – If you’re really intent on trying caffeine, try taking it on a few more occasions to see if the jitters persist. (Note from Kelsey: or just take less caffeine; play around with your dosage so you know how much your body can actually handle.)

2 – Stop taking it. Some people just don’t feel well when taking caffeine. There are other options out there you can try for improving performance.


The above caffeine analysis snippet is pulled from a post with more excellent assessments of other supplements: A Yes/No/Maybe Guide to 6 Sports Performance Supplements.

Now, if you are a seasoned caffeine consumer and coffee lover like I am, please check back for the second part to this post. In it I will share instructions on how to make the Perfect Cup of Pour-Over Coffee.

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