5 reasons why SAPT’s adult training options are for you!

5.  Because rather than perpetuate imbalances with your current 60 minute wander around the gym/sit on the recumbent bike, mouth agape routine, you’ll be provided a thorough individualized training program applicable to your specific needs and goals allowing you to hit the gym with vigor and purpose.  Dare I say you’ll experience results?

4.  Because you won’t be allowed to avoid the things you hate, the things you didn’t know you hated, and learn to embrace these things as the most important parts of your week (well, almost most important).  Learn to enjoy movement prep, mobility, and soft tissue drills designed specifically to improve active range of motion around joints and soft tissue quality.  Muscular knots and adhesions don’t resolve themselves through quick, unfocused static stretching routines; in actuality, they’ll typically make the knot tighter leading to further discomfort.  Knead those knots and adhesions out with our localized soft tissue techniques and experience improved recovery, less inhibited movement patterns, and a general feeling of relief.

3.   Though you’ll miss the SAPT coaching staff and community feel of the SAPT training facility during your offsite training sessions, you’ll be able to pacify our SAPT cravings through our thorough and extensive, mobile devise accessible, SAPT Exercise Database.  Enjoy the descriptive prose and meticulous demonstrations to ensure you’re executing with perfect form even offsite, on your time.  There’s only one way to garner the intended benefit of a training stimulus, and it’s through perfect execution.  Going through the motions will elicit blah training effects, plus it’s kind-of unsafe…You exercise to improve your health, right?

2.  To stave off type II (fast twitch) muscular atrophy and neural drive impairment.  As one ages, without central nervous system activation, and therefore limited type II stimulation, type II fibers will actually disappear (to never return again) and thus significantly lower strength and power output levels.  Not only does this present grim performance and overall functionality implications, but structural repercussions as well.  Because type II fibers are more hypertrophy inclined, neglecting their recruitment will overtime significantly speed-up muscle mass decline.  Consider there is a 10% decrease in total number of muscle fibers per decade after the age of 50, and it’s a wonder the majority of the “well-seasoned” population hasn’t evolved into soft, slithering, amoebas of goo (HA, I had fun writing that!).  Our adult programming safely implements compound movements and drills designed to improve power output to elicit the physiological responses necessary to ward off the dreaded “amoeba of goo” condition.  Besides, throwing medicine balls is just freakin’ fun.

1.  Because you’ll relearn how to take time for…yourself…it’s okay, you’re allowed.

Your first step towards a more pain-free, stronger, youthful you in 2012, starts by clicking here…

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This is a call to arms against New Year’s resolutions!

Ready to freak-out…New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner!!!  Did you just break-out in a cold sweat?  Did you just un-tuck your shirt to more seamlessly blend the muffin top into your lower extremities?  Are you slowly moving towards your snack drawer to dispose of the various half-eaten processed delicacies stroon about…ya, I’m on to you.  Folks, this is a call to arms against preventing what you really want for yourself; to once again have a waistline; finally beat your friend “Svelte Jerry” in your weekend tennis match, and not worry about your knee exploding in the process; to not live in fear of your annual check-up.

My friends, climb aboard the SAPT rowboat, and like GW crossing the Delaware, we’re gonna sneak-up and ambush our opposition...failed New Year Resolutions, no more.  Don’t wait for the bleating attempts by surrounding commercial gyms to wrangle you into some membership you’ll never use, because at that point it’ll be too late (I’m a poet and didn’t even know it). 

HEALTHY HABITS MUST BEGIN NOW.  Trust me, it’s the only way you’ll be able to curb, and defeat, your unhealthy infatuation with snickerdoodles, the little cookies with Hershey kisses on top, and the latest “housewives” series?   You know why, because GOING COLD TURKEY ON JANURARY 1ST DOESN’T WORK!

What you need is plan, something to guide you through the season of endless fruit cakes.  Perhaps something like an SAPT individualized training program?  You need some motivation, and a sense of accountability.  Perhaps the knowledgeable SAPT staff and encouraging-positive room dynamic created by our semi-private training model would do the trick?  What you need is a reason to have only a small slice of cheesecake instead of the entire pan?  Perhaps knowing that the SAPT Prowler (our weight sled) is in your metabolic finisher tomorrow and you’d rather not taint our pristine turf with bits of graham crack crust and heavy cream (too far (?)…probably)?  Perhaps viewing the incredible physical transformation of SAPT’ee lifer, Ron Reed, in the video below will stoke your fire:

Ladies, and gents, the solution is simple, set yourself up for success by enrolling in one of our adult training structures.  We understand that change is difficult, but as it’s been proven to us time and time again, with a little help and guidance, SAPT’ees can accomplish some pretty amazing things.  Let us help you.   

Cue “Rocky” soundtrack,