Random Thoughts: Facing Challenges and Gallagher

I have two random thoughts for the day.  The first is just about the positive changes going on with SAPT and its crew and the lesson you can take away from it.  The second is a training update from… MY GIRLFRIEND!  

SAPT and its employees have been going through quite the change as of late, and it’s been all for the better.  Sarah had a handsome little boy Duke while simultaneously working as a full time strength coach at a D1 university AND running a full time business.  Kelsey has become fully adjusted to her job(s) at SAPT in terms of coaching and also dealing with current clients, potential clients, new contracts, old contracts, answering a million emails a day, defeating Voldemort, etc. all while swinging a kettle bell.  Most people wouldn’t be able to handle ONE of Sarah or Kelsey’s jobs; they manage to do it all.  Stevo’s still taking over the world one book, one cue, one article, one program at a time, in his quest to become the best strength coach in the industry and trust me, he’s closer than you think. And just when you think he can’t do his job any better he somehow proves you wrong.  In the immortal words of Sir Ludacris, he’s coming for that number one spot!

Then there’s me.  The past couple of months have been eye opening for me to say the least and it’s a great feeling to know that SAPT has become my home with a family I love dearly.  I’m in the midst of coming into my own with my own discernible differences from my peers in my personal life, coaching style, and even business. It’s truly calming when you realize what is truly important in your life. These are all huge, awesome changes and we’ve done all this while moving facilities.  These are the times when you find out what you and your team are made of.  Do you see a challenge, look at it in the eye and run away? Or do you stand toe-to-toe and GO GALLAGHER ON IT AND SMASH IT WITH A SLEDGEHAMMER!  That’s really my point of telling you all this.  You, your friends, your family, your business, your schooling, YOUR TRAINING; it will all be presented with change and challenges.  It is how you confront and tackle those changes and challenges that will define you as a person.  I always talk about being average and this goes hand in hand with that; the average person will become consumed and beaten down by changes and challenges.  The above average person will get up, dust themselves off and go Gallagher on it….

My last random thought is in the form of a training update, not from I, but from my girlfriend Shannon.  Since we started dating she has been incredibly supportive and has now shown interest in moving weight (either that or she just wants me to stop bugging her).  Nonetheless, I am extremely proud of her quick improvements in confidence and strength.  I recently had her start Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength as I believe novice, intermediate, and even advanced lifters can stand to benefit from its simplicity and concepts (I recently started this program as well).  Shannon has already seen great strength gains as well as a huge refinement of technique as Starting Strength exposes her to the same barbell movements multiple times per week. Plus, I told her if she lifted consistently for 3 weeks I would take her to see Magic Mike in 3-D.  As I said before I am extremely proud of all of her improvements and hard work as well as her commitment and consistency.  The video below is a clip from one of her recent squat sessions.  Look at that technique! She must have a good coach.