Video: KB Clean & Jerk

The Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

What is it? An easier to learn and more forgiving variation of the classic barbell clean and jerk.

Why I like it: Primarily as a great variation of a CNS primer. Drop in a few sets of 3-5 repetitions per arm before hitting the core movement for the day's training session. By the time you work your way through your warm-up and this primer and arrive at the main movement, you'll feel great and be ready to go!

Got any technique tips? Of course I do: The first portion of this movement begins as a KB Swing, but you should only take the swing up to waist level (not shoulder/eye level). From there rotate your catch arm through an upper-cut style movement pattern to then "catch" the kettlebell. Be conscious of moving your arm around the KB as this will soften the impact of the "bell" against your forearm. From here, explosively push your body away from the bell as you accelerate it overhead.

Kelsey took my post idea for the Turkish Get-up yesterday, so I had to switch it up. Did anyone notice Steve and I literally answered the same question twice last week? Clearly, I didn't read his Monday post... trying not to do that two-weeks in a row!