Cluster Training: Your Meathead Tip of the Day

Note - This is a re-post from about a year ago:

Cluster Training is a form of interval training in which, much like track athletes, the goal is to increase strength-endurance by manipulating and cycling work and recovery phases. Clusters, specifically, involve performing one or more repetitions with 10-20 seconds rest between each repetition or “cluster” of repetitions, in the case of an extended set.

Notes for cluster success:

Minimum load used is a 5RM for 4-6 sets

Extensive clustering – 4-6 repetitions with 4-6RM and a 10 second rest between each cluster.

Intensive clustering – 4-6 sets with 75-90% 1RM with 20 seconds rest between online casino repetitions for 4-6 repetitions total. Ex: 6x1x4 @ 80-85%

Clusters are best used in moderation during times when a plateau needs to be smashed to continue forward progress. I would suggest only applying this method once a week for a two- or three-week wave.