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What you’re not getting from your three easy payments of 19.99…

My main qualm with most “at-home-on-your-own” training protocols is that there really is no “quality control” component.  As you’ve heard us reference countless times on this site, the intended benefit of an exercise is only realized when execution is correct.  Improper execution of a movement will yield less than optimal results, and the potential for injury.  Check-out the two video clips below of one of our distance clients, Frank. 

You’ll notice in the first video he’s significantly more disjointed and off-balanced in comparison to the second (watch again).  Well there’s a reason.  After receiving the following feedback from me he was able to lock-in the form much better: 

Watch your video closely and you’ll notice that every time your back knee touches the ground heavy, your lead leg (the knee) shifts inward slightly, meaning the glute med didn’t quite fire on time to absorb the force.  The reps that are beautiful, you’ll notice there wasn’t the slightest deviation of the knee. Think 'front-knee-out' every repetition.”

Watch the videos again, did you catch it?

Frank’s, reply:

Wow! I never would have seen that!  It seems so clear now!  I never understood why some reps seemed so hard…excellent feedback!

This is something that would have gone unnoticed by most, and certainly in a scenario where the only coaching feedback you receive is your dog incessantly barking at you while your knee slips into valgus…and the tape just keeps on rolling…

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Taking “at home/on your own” training programs a step…more like a giant leap, further…

Now I’m not gonna sit here on my soap box and pretend that some of the “at home/on your own” programs and gadgets (both past and present…I won’t mention any names…ha-ha-ha-choooo-p90xgazellefreestylerinsanitybuttmasterorwasitthighmaster?totalgymchucknorrisissweetthough, pardon me, just allergies) haven’t “worked” for some people (define worked…), but what I’ll also say is that for every one “success story” there’s probably another five epic fails following close behind. Epic fails include: -Those three easy payments collecting dust in your video library or home gym.

-A visit to the orthopedic with a bum back or knee because what you didn’t know was that performing a-bajillion “plyometric movements” (it’s in quotes because, well, you really weren’t doing plyometrics in their true context…sorry) in a single training session isn’t a sound protocol for a freakin’ Olympic Triple Jumper, nor is it the proper prescription for you.

-Or, how about this, your preexisting knee condition has gotten worse because maybe attempting to execute an absorbitant amount of single leg broad jumps in one training session is, well, just silly. Or, maybe because the program overlooked the progressive overload of resistance that’s required to increase joint strength and integrity. Or, maybe it was because you were never provided any coaching or feedback, or heck, maybe you weren’t even shown proper form in the first place. The total acquired benefit from performing all those squats incorrectly…nada. To top it off, it sucks you’ll have to sit-out the father-son scrimmage, and the company golf outing again this year, huh?

-Finally, you haven’t gotten an ounce stronger, increased your lean body mass by a negligible amount, and subsequently are still holding on to that spare tire.

Well here’s the deal people, you’ve invested more money than you might like to admit in great marketing campaigns, now it’s time to stand-up against QVC and take a chance on SAPT’s Distance Coaching Training Programs. Well, that’s unless you feel training programs that include and deliver the following isn’t your cup of tea:

-Consideration of your current level of physical preparedness, medical history, and goals, FIRST, and construction of an appropriate training protocol SECOND…you know, so that you don’t quit on the program because the one size fits all shoe is a little too large for your size 8.5’s.

-Weekly correspondence with a real freakin’ certified performance coach who can quickly troubleshoot any questions or issues you may have encountered with your individualized training program.

-Video analysis of your movements to ensure you’re not just lunging just for the sake of lunging, rather trying to a-c-c-o-m-p-l-i-s-h something with each repetition.

-Mobile phone accessible, exercise demonstrations (coaching cues included!), performed by a certified performance coach (with his, or her, shirt on(!), imagine that…Steve, keep your shirt on…) so you know exactly how the movement is supposed to be executed.

- Did you know there is a 10% decrease in total number of muscle fibers per decade after the age of 50? Our distance coaching training programs safely implement multi-joint movements, and progressively increase resistance, to improve power output and elicit the physiological responses necessary to ward off muscular atrophy, and the increased disposition to store fat, that occurs as one ages. Check-out distance coaching client, Frank. Dude could barely hip hinge properly when he first started working with SAPT (come’on Frank, admit it). Now he’s safely smashing front squat to a box a bit below parallel…on his time, in the comfort of his garage gym!

Oh, and my Mom wanted me to note that her bone density readings have been much improved since she’s begun her distance coaching protocol. How many post menopausal, or soon to be, women do you know who need this? Mom also wanted me to note that she appreciates the positive change in my Dad’s mood since he’s begun his distance coaching protocol; she also appreciates the gluteal hypertrophy…gross.

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