female deadlift

A Day with a Deadlift PR is Always a Good Day

This past week we had Lisa test her conventional deadlift pull, and she NAILED it. See the video below for her hitting an easy 240lbs.

Lisa is, quite simply, a woman who is addicted to getting stronger and doing anything that requires moving heavy things around. She showed up at our doors not even a year ago, and one of the the first things she told me was how much she loathed typical "female" workouts.

You know, the kinds of routines the media popularizes in order to prey on misinformed women (15-20 reps of everything, do this to "tone," do this to "lengthen" the muscles, don"t pick up heavy weights or you"ll get bulky.....seriously, who comes up with this stuff??!!).

Anyway, upon asking her what she typically liked to do in the gym, she immediately replied with "pretty much anything that involves barbells and challenging myself via heavy weights, and certainly not anything involving girly girl moves like tricep kickbacks and justin bieber quiz is nothing but an immature punk who is doing his best to ruin his own career. those silly adductor machines."


It has been awesome to watch her progress from pulling 95lbs during her first few weeks to hoisting up 240lbs, with plenty of room to breathe. Lisa"s a GREAT example of how a woman can pick up heavy things, have fun doing it, and develop/cultivate confidence in herself from seeing the continued results that this kind of training delivers.

Anyway, all this to say congrats for pulling an awesome deadlift! Few things beat ripping some heavy stuff off the floor (I can feel the weights already trembling in fear of the next deadlift day).