My attempt at poetry...

I wrote this a long time ago after being inspired by one of our female student-athletes completing her first pullup. "Pull-UP"

My strength coach said to me as I entered SAPT;

“Miss, can you do a pull-up?”

“HAHA, yea rite, NO,” said me.


He asked me “why;”

I told him that;

“Pull-ups are impossible; why even try.”


“That’s gonna’ change he said with a smirk;

You will do pull-up;

Are you afraid of hard-work?”


“When hell freezes over,” I thought in my head;

It’s been 7 years of gym class and still no luck;

Each test I fail; I should just put this one to bed.”


He chuckled and said, “The funny thing about pull-ups,

You’ve got to work at’um for weeks;

Pull for every inch until your head erupts.”


He said, “I’ll help you map the way;

Are you onboard?”

“Aye coach; I’ll have my day!”


Weeks went by, and work we did;

We ran the gambit;

Partials; Iso’s, Ecc’s; Band assisted.


Most of time I just wanted to cry;

“Charge on,” he said; “A quitting attitude won’t cut it;

It simply won’t fly.”


So I fought tooth and nail, through the arm numbing burn;

Pull-ups I will own you;

This I will earn.


Finally, the day came, it was time to test;

“I’m nervous,” I said;

“Don’t be,” he said, “just try your best.”


So I chalked-up my hands, and pulled with all my might;




I triumphantly dropped from the bar;

Pull-ups, I had defeated;

Coach said, “You should be proud, you’ve come so far.”


It wasn’t the pull-up that meant so much;

It was what I had learned;

all the planning, trying and such.


This I will remember for the rest of my time;

Nothing is owed to me; plan, fight, execute, then fight some more;

Extract from for this rhyme.


Failing to do the above only will mar;

Anything worth doing in life;

Lift your chin above the bar.

Hope everyone is having a great week,