Six Degrees of a Sterling SAPT-EE & FREE TRAINING!!!

Greetings, Six degrees of...say wuh????  You know the game where, for instance, you’d attempt to connect Will Smith to Kevin Bacon in 6 degrees of separation or less…Will Smith was in “Men in Black” with Tommy Lee Jones (1); Tommy Lee Jones was in “JFK” with Kevin Bacon (2)…I win, I’ve done it in less than three degrees…however, there’s still 18 hours left in our cross country road trip…I spy something…sorry, wrong game…anyways you get the gist, right?  Great, stay with me!

Many of you know, and maybe some of you don’t, that we’ve set-up shop out in Sterling.  It’s a shop of humble beginnings, much like SAPT Fairfax was merely 4 years ago…

Well, we’re coming-up on about a year out in Sterling, and enrollment is still moving a bit slower than anticipated.  Maybe it’s something in the protein powder?  Or, maybe it’s because Fairfax has grown almost entirely on referrals (yup, not a dime spent on marketing), and, well, it’s hard to grow on referrals when you’ve only had a couple handfuls of people experience “the SAPT goodness,” out here in Sterling…

So, here is my respectful plead to you, in honor of “Small Business Saturday” we’re asking that you think of SAPT…we’d like for you, and those that surround you this long Thanksgiving weekend to play a little game called “Six Degrees of a Sterling SAPT-EE…”  You ready?  Here it goes:

I am married to my wife (1); my wife works with Tom Shultz (2); Tom Shultz was complaining about back pain when he plays golf, and has three athletic, motivated kids…and the kicker…he lives in Leesburg…8 miles from SAPT Sterling(3)…That’s less than four steps, you win, pat yourself on the back…Next, immediately locate Tom Shultz’s email address and write it down…Repeat the game 4 more times, with the goal to compile a list of 5 of your contacts who could benefit from our services, and live in Loudoun County.

What you choose to do with this list is completely up to you.  You can use it to dab the wine stain on the carpet after Uncle Chuck has had a bit too much to drink.  Maybe you shoot those 5 people a quick email letting them know that you’re thinking of them in this time of gluttony, and if they’re looking for a training service to help them shed a few after Turkey Day, you’ve got just the place.  Or, maybe you email your list of 5 contacts and their respective email addresses to Chris, at and earn yourself, or your son/daughter, a training session on us (FREE SAPT TRAINING!!!)…I think the latter sounds pretty sweet…Don’t worry, we aren’t going to hound them with spam mail and promises of free “enhancement” pills…we just want to briefly, and politely, let them know we’re out in here in their neck of the woods…This promotion will end on December 31st.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this email, as well as participating in our silly little game.  We wish you and your loved one’s a happy and healthy holiday season.  Please know that you are one of the "things" we are thankful for this year.