Booking Appointments/Cancellations

Our online system makes it incredibly easy to book appointments!  You can book or cancel a training session through our online system up to one hour before the start of a session.  Sessions cancelled within an hour of the appointment time will be charged at the regular rate. Instructions are sent to all new clients when you purchase a package, and the SAPT staff is always available to answer any questions that come up.


All training packages have an expiration date.  Expiration dates are in place to encourage our clients to train consistently in order to reap the benefits of their hard work in SAPT.  Each client’s program is designed to build upon the previous program, which is most effective when clients can train as continuously as possible. However, in rare cases there are reasons that training packages need to be extended.  It is your responsibility as a client to keep the SAPT staff informed of situations that may arise.

Injuries are handled on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, our coaches can easily adapt a client’s program to account for any injury. In fact, returning to training keeps our athletes positive and focused.  We truly believe that you can almost always train around an injury, and staying active is vital in preventing detraining from occurring.

Family emergencies are also handled on a case-by-case basis.

Extensions due to other circumstances are possible if there is no way the athlete will use all of their sessions prior to the expiration date. Extensions of 1-2 months are available, depending on number the of sessions remaining and the type of package purchased. Non-injury or non-family emergency related extensions are charged a $10 per week administrative fee.


Sessions can be transferred to another family member for a fee of $10 per session. An evaluation is necessary for all new clients and is a separate $89 charge.

Discounts, Referrals, & More

We offer a 10% family discount to immediate family members of our clients.  This means your mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, or uncle can all come train at SAPT and receive 10% off of their first package!


We also offer referral bonuses!  These referrals do not count for immediate family members, but if you have friends, neighbors or coworkers interested in training with us, send them our way and make sure they let us know who referred them!  Referral bonuses details below…

  • For every 1 referral that results in a package purchase ---> 5% off of your next training package.

  • For every 3 referrals that come in for an evaluation ---> FREE 30 minutes consultation of your choice (NKT, Nutrition, Lifting Technique).

Client Feedback

Nothing means more to us than the satisfaction of our clients.  We want to ensure that we’re providing the best services possible to everyone who steps foot in our door, regardless of age, experience, and training goals.  As such, we’ve created a survey that allows YOU to share your thoughts regarding how we can improve.  Everyone needs a healthy dose of constructive criticism, so please, take a moment and provide us with some