Your ADD Fix for the Day

Unfortunately, I've spent the last few days absent from SAPT due to an injury + fever. I'm still a bit foggyheaded (not sure if that's a word, but it's how I feel), so rather than attempt to write something training/nutrition related that may quickly turn disastrous, I've decided to provide a bunch of videos that I'm sure many of you will enjoy in one way or another. 

To those of you at work who often spend more time on YouTube than doing actual business: You're welcome.

THIS is the most outrageous hiking trail I have ever seen (it's in Spain). I think you'd have to be some form of crazy to complete it. I love hiking, but my fear of heights would probably prevent me from going anywhere near this. If anything, fast forward to the 1:30 and 4:45 mark to get an idea. 

HERE is a great (and short) video on some fantastic mobilization drills you can do RIGHT THERE IN YOUR OFFICE!. If you have three minutes to watch a youtube video, then you certainly have a couple minutes to mobilize your stiff joints right there at your desk. You'll thank me later.

Click here to see Nia Shanks easily pull 275lbs with some change (chains to add some additional resistance). I believe her bodyweight is around 130lbs. Very cool to see the women representing. 

HERE is a woman named Neghar doing a Turkish Get-Up to Windmill with a 28kg kettlebell (that's over 60lbs) with great form. She makes it look easy (trust me, it's not). For those of you - after watching the previous two videos - still believe that a woman will miraculously become a hulking she-man if she picks up anything over 10lbs in the gym, then I'm really not sure how to help you. 

Ben Bruno does 11 pullups (mixed grip) with 100lbs added weight. He does them with GREAT form, too. This is a great example to those of you in SAPT who loovveee to add weight to your pullups when you can barely get your elbows above 90degrees of flexion without jerking around like a fish out of water. I love watching Ben train because 1. He refuses to add weight to an exercise until he can do it with perfect form and 2. He's just freakishly strong for his size.

This is an awesome inspirational video put together by EliteFTS. You know you're in a good place if watching this video makes you want to drop everything you're doing and go train. 

For the nerds in the crowd: Here is a 10-minute video of Peter Jackson discussing the making of The Hobbit! Apparently he's going to be keeping a video blog updates as they film the movie(s). I have no shame in letting everyone know that I'll most certainly be buying tickets for the opening show as soon as I possibly can.  

Very cool (new) motivational video from Michael Jordan. No words needed here. 

If you watched all of these videos and didn't take a second to perform a couple stretches (shown in the second video) to help yourself feel/move better, then shame on you. -Steve