Fuel Your Body with this Smoothie

I love smoothies. Easy peezy to make, and you can shove countless vital nutrients into the blender to knock out multiple birds with one stone. It also gives me something to take with me to work, so I can ensure - once the hunger cravings strike - that I fuel my body with QUALITY foods as opposed to reaching for snacks that will only leave me feeling more lethargic and depleted (read: processed snacks, muffins, etc.).

I'm the first to admit I don't have very much self-control; so if I have my trusty smoothie alongside, then I can be sure that I can reach for a nutrient-rich shake as opposed to a belly-enlarging sugary snack.

See the video on the right (or, you can view it HERE) for a quick tutorial on how to make it! It tastes great and is super easy to pack for the road/workday. You won't be disappointed. 

As Summer (swimsuit season!) quickly approaches, this shake would be a perfect addition to SAPT's fat-loss program that we have available. Even though we can provide you with the best fat-loss training in the region, we can't (unfortunately) be there in your home to force you to hold up your end of the bargain. So be sure to watch the video and get started!

Yeah, my cat decided to make noise for a good portion of the instruction. Don't worry, I rewarded you with a glimpse of her at the end if you can make it through the video- Steve