Do the Opposite

A strategy I often give to people seeking training advice is to follow the 180 Rule. I think I may have originally heard this phrase from Charles Staley, but, wherever I heard it, it’s extremely simple and works in almost every scenario.

Basically, walk into any commercial gym. Take a look at what most people are doing, and then do the exact opposite (hence the name “180 Rule”). If you desire success in the gym, then do not follow what the majority is doing (I wrote about this a while ago HERE).

For example, most people don’t warm up at all (or, if they do, it’s usually a 5-minute walk on the treadmill). Following the 180 Rule, we will warm up to set ourselves up for success. Considering that most of us sit at a computer for 8+ hours a day, we’d be wise to “unglue” ourselves a bit. Even taking two minutes to do a Walking Spiderman with Overhead Reach to Hip Lift will give you some thoracic extension and rotation, on top of opening up your adductors, hip flexors, and hamstrings.  Sounds like a winner to me.

Instead of wasting time sitting on the adductor/abductor machine (as you’ll typically see many women doing), you can perform a split squat, single-leg RDL, or stepback lunge to engage the Glute Medius, Adductor complex, and Quadratus Lumborum (on the “non-working” side) all in one punch! Not only will this give you the physique benefits you’re seeking, but it will also noticeably improve your quality of day-to-day movement.

Most commercial gym goers perform copious amounts of single-joint lifts (think: tricep kickbacks, bicep curls, and leg extensions), which really don’t do much for you besides giving you a chance to look at yourself in the mirror as you do them. Instead, perform multi-joint movements such as pushups, squats, deadlifts, single-leg variations, horizontal pulls, etc. to accomplish much more in far less time.

Most people don't hire a coach to point them in the right direction and give them a blueprint that will guarantee results when followed. Consider hiring a coach in your area to point you in the right direction. 

I think you get the idea. It’s unfortunate that the majority of the population (despite consistent efforts in the gym) show up day-to-day and still look/move the exact same a few years later. Follow the 180 Rule.