Don't delay any longer...

Something that not everyone who reads this site may realize is that we don’t only train student and adult athletes. While we certainly know how to make athletes stronger, faster, more explosive, possess greater endurance, and develop a more “bullet-proof” body; we also love working with people who simply want to look, move, and feel better. I think that sometimes the fact that we do work with “general fitness” clients is overshadowed by the fact that the majority of our clientele consist of competitive athletes.

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE working with athletes, and having the privilege of hearing countless testimonials of how they’re performing much better (and recovering more rapidly) on the playing field. This is awesome (to say the least), and is a huge part of what keeps me going throughout the workweek.

However, another aspect of my job that I thoroughly enjoy is having the pleasure of assisting an adult to make an incredible body transformation. I was reminded of this yesterday when I took Ron’s “After” picture.

For those of you who don’t know, Ron recently went through a comprehensive, “SAPTastic” fat loss plan. This included an individualized nutrition plan, and 3x/week resistance training regimen specifically designed to melt fat off of him AND maintain his strength levels (and, as you’ll see, he even GAINED strength during this fat loss phase).

All I could think of last night as I took his picture was “Wow.” I’ll say that again backwards: woW.

As Summer rapidly approaches, many of you may be worried that you haven’t met those New Years Resolutions in the exercise and nutrition realm (and thus Summer – along with shedding layers of clothing – may not be not be the most welcomed season for you). Not to fear: it’s not too late to get started on a body transformation program.

Imagine how you’ll feel at the beach, or a neighborhood BBQ, with a smaller waistline and a higher percent of lean body mass?

Don’t wait to get started. Be it joining our women’s Buttkamp (see Chris’s post below), or joining our semi-private training structure to workout alongside other like-minded individuals, SAPT can get you there.

I tried to think of something clever to sign-out with but nothing came to me, so this will have to do - Stevo