Packing a Nutritional Punch

These are my current Top 5 foods that are constantly in rotation in my diet (a diet that also includes a healthy dose of "greens" each and every day). Take a look, hopefully you'll be inspired to try something new and at the very least be reminded that with all the time I/we spend splitting hairs about proper warm-up protocols or speed squats vs. cleans, in the end, if you're diet isn't supporting your training those discussions end up being moot.

  1. Nutritional Yeast: Probably the least appealing name possible, but it is hands-down my number one dietary addition. Nutritional yeast is very light and flaky and tastes like mild cheddar cheese - melts like cheese, too. Anyway, nutritional yeast is a single-cell fungus that is grown on molasses (yum…). It is a complete protein and is prized for its vitamin B12 content (B12 is scarce in the plant kingdom). Finally, nutritional yeast is not active like baking yeast, so those who have issues consuming traditional yeast usually tolerate this magic powder without any trouble.
  2. Avocado: wide ranging anti-inflammatory benefits, increased absorption of carotenoids, supports cardiovascular health, helps regulate blood sugar, and preliminary research supports the avocado’s role in cancer fighting. So, eat some.
  3. Sweet Potato: overflowing with antioxidents, anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to regulate blood sugar. If you want the full benefit of the beta-carotene in the sweet potato then you should pair it with some fat to improve the absorption rate.
  4. Coconut Oil: made by pressing the fiber out of the meat of the coconut, this is one of the few oils that can be heated to high temperatures without converting to trans fat. Coconut oil is near tasteless (so it’s not like you’re eating a coconut everytime you cook with it) and is rich in MCT’s (bonus!). MCT’s – medium-chain triglycerides – are very easy on the digestive system and within moments of being consumed shoot right to the liver to be used as energy. Coconut oil is the fat of choice for those who want to achieve or maintain a lean physique.
  5. Super Protein Powder Blend: That is my name for combining rice (tryptophan) and pea (lysine) proteins with a little bit of hemp (leucine, isoleucine, and valine + edestin) protein. With this combo you can achieve a balanced amino acid profile in what is called a “flatline profile.” This simply means that the amino acids are being combined properly in a way that is complimentary and is providing a “broad-spectrum source of protein.” In fact, this combination is so perfect that it is actually structured better than any single protein source can ever be.

Sweet-Potato Pasta (+ Protein Shake)

Pasta – amount? Whatever floats your carbo-boat for the moment

1 Sweet Potato

1-2 Tbsp olive oil or coconut oil

2 Tbsp Nutritional Yeast

Sea Salt to Taste

Pretty simple: prepare your pasta of choice (I tend to use brown rice pasta) and bake or microwave a sweet potato. Slice the sweet potato and add to the pasta. Then add nutritional yeast, oil, and sea salt (optional).

I’ve actually added avocado to this in the past and was A-MAZing.

Pair this with a protein shake on the side and you’ve got yourself a powerful meal.