SAPT Exercise of the Week: 3-Way Sledge Leveraging for an Iron Grip

Whether your playing field is in the middle of a football stadium or simply the weight room itself, there are few things NOT to be gained from grip training. As we've noted before (HERE and HERE), we make grip strength a major priority at SAPT. Be it the improved control and feel of the bar during compound lifts (deadlifts, chinups, bench presses, etc.), increased muscle mass, more calories burned during a given training session, or the injury risk reduction benefits added to the elbow and shoulder regions, I'd be foolish not to include them in my athlete's programs. As an added bonus, for the fathers in the crowd, a stronger grip will help definitely show your daughter's boyfriend "who the boss is around here" when he shows up at your door for the first time. Giving him a bone-crushing handshake will allow you to escape failing miserably like Phil from Modern Family:

Getting right to it, here's a simple exercise you can use to work your way to bone-crushing forearms. All you need is a simple sledgehammer, so this is something that anyone can do at home.

3-Way Sledge Leveraging


How to Do It: Grip the handle TIGHT. A lot of people tend to let the handle "slide and rock" back and forth in their hands....don't be that guy. You'll have three directions to move: ulnar deviation, radial deviation, and forearm supination/pronation. Move the hammer slowly, and note that you can increase/lessen the difficulty of the exercise based on how far up/down the sledge you hold.

Do 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions per hand, beginning on the low end of the spectrum. Toss these babies in once a week at the end of a training session and let the magic happen.