Injury Prevention

My Hip Hurts! Training with a Hip Labral Tear, Part 1

So your hip hurts? The good news is there are always safe workarounds in the case of injury or lingering issues. Coach Sarah Walls begins her two part series on understanding how to apply safe training to the lower body with a labral tear in the hip.

Hidden Problem of Early Sport Specialization

Early sport specialization is not only about children getting injured too young because of only playing one sport. It is also about how this model removes the opportunity to teach children how to take care of themselves from a physical movement and strength perspective, by focusing solely on sporting success and mastery. Coach Sarah Walls discusses a broad approach to what can be done in this multi-part series.

Performance Nutrition: Collagen Supplementation

Collagen protein has emerged as a way to speed up recovery from injury - and almost any injury at that! But is it just another carefully packaged, expensive product with little to show in the way of research supporting its use? Or does it work as advertised? Coach Sarah Walls explores the research and shares her experience in using a specific protocol.