We All Need A Little Inspiration

It’s the times that you don’t want to train that will show your true desire and will to win… How often do you wake up and just do not want to go to the weight room, batting cage, football field, volleyball court?  What do you do in those situations; do you roll over and go back to bed?  Do you make compromises because you just aren’t feeling it today?  Do you say “alright starting Monday I’ll get back after it?” We have all been in these situations but as I said these are the situations that define us.  I’ve talked a lot about being average in past posts and how I refuse to be it and this is one of the ways I “beat” the average out of myself.  I have to train no matter what and no matter how I feel because I know the average person just rolls over and goes back to bed, the average person makes compromises.  I’m not trying to be high and mighty, there have been times when I’ve succumb to the state of averageness, and I absolutely hate it.  So when I feel the average part of me trying to take over I have put things in place to make my better half overcome.  This is usually in the form of watching a video or reading an article that really makes me want to get after it.  I’m not really sure why doing these things work for me.  Maybe it’s the fact that I’m seeing someone rise above their own feelings of being average and it makes me realize I need to do the same.  For you it might be something different but it’s up to you to find something to make you conquer those bad days, to rise above your negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy.  We all have the ability to be great but it is only you that can unlock the potential.  Am I being corny? Maybe, but corny is what we need sometimes to get through those rough days; and I’d rather be corny than average. This was a short and to the point rant, but a rant that was needed.  If you’re like me and get jacked up watching inspirational videos and reading inspirational articles then take a look below at the things I currently look to when I’m having those lazy days.


The Walk On by Jim Wendler

A Letter To My Younger Self by Jim Wendler


[vsw id="V6xLYt265ZM" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

By far my favorite video to get me jacked up to go train

Former SAPT coach Chris Romanow is one of the people who got me interested in powerlifting so seeing him smash heavy weight makes me want to do the same

SAPT client and friend Ron Reed inspires me to achieve goals, his work ethic is second to none

I have no idea who this guy is but he is dedicated