Inspiration from Ross Enamait

I never get tired of watching videos of Ross training and getting after it. He merely trains in his garage or outdoors, and yet his strength, endurance, and power is unparalleled by countless individuals who have access to all the "fancy" equipment. Ross receives countless questions from internet warriors (both on his website and in the comments section of his videos), and he almost always responds to each and every inquiry. It cracks me up as he never tires of giving pretty much the same answer every time, when people ask him what motivates him, and how he has become as physically fit as he is.

"Real gains don't come in days or weeks. I've been training for 20+ years. Patience and consistency are perhaps the most important supplements to any routine.....There's nothing special about me. I've just been working hard for a long time." -Ross

People are always looking for the magic formula or silver bullet, be it the latest exercise program, nutrition "secret," or piece of specialty equipment.

Guess what? There isn't one. And I know few people that could prove this better than Ross.

Stick to the basics. Train smart. Work hard. Never back down. Be consistent. Repeat every day for thirty years.

Enjoy the training video above (I also LOVE all the quotes he interspersed throughout the video), and then apply these lessons.