Try Adding Some Humor to Your Day

As of late I have been trying to purge negativity from my life.  I am a pretty fun loving guy and joke around a lot but I still feel that I often focus too much on the negative.  Most of the time its things I have no control over or things that are 10-15 years in the future that I worry about, stupid I know.  With all that said I had the pleasure of listening to Ron Culberson speak the other day; taken straight from his bio "Ron Culberson, is a speaker, author and humorist who helps staff and managers achieve success through the philosophy of Do it Well, Make it Fun."  His whole message is to not take life so seriously, especially at work.  You can still be extremely successful at your job and in life while not taking it so seriously or being negative.  Take a look at the video to get a feel for what Ron's message is all about.

It was funny that at the same time I heard this speech was at the same time I decided to make this change of eliminating as much negativity as I can from my life.  One thing that really rang true when listening to Ron speak was he told a story of when he was talking to a terminally ill patient.  The patient said "Where does the time go?" His point in telling this story was that time just doesn't fly when your having fun, time flies in general.  I don't know about you but that really hit home with me.  Our time on this earth is extremely limited and I plan on working hard but be assured I'm going to have fun and joke around while I'm doing it.  So enjoy yourself at work today, there is always a day to make the journey funnier.

These guys have the right idea...