SAPT's Advice for Strength, Health, and Jedi Skillz

Brevity is one of my virtues. Therefore, in that spirit, today's post will sum up how to get stronger, live well, increase you Jedi skill level by 1,000, and we’re doing it hiaku style. What can be more to the point than a haiku? Happy Friday! Strength:

Baby weights and fads.                                                         Ladies, please fear not.

Not the best way to gain strength.                                    Weights will not make you manly,

Pick up heavy things.                                                            Pick up heavy things.

10 minutes to abz?

Train hard and consistently

Be patient, eat well.


Swing big bells daily                                                                  

Strong glutes make strong athletes and

Desired booties.


Five ingredients or less,

Eat lots of real food

Shun the short cuts.

Kale makes you healthy

You’ll punch sickness in the face

Load up on the kale.

Vegetables and fruits, 

Proteins and good fats are the

Essentials to health.

Jedi Skills:

To use the Force, one

Must produce much force, thus lift

Heavy things a lot.