Knowledge is POWER! Part 3

Hello, SAPT family!  Today's post is another round-up of all the great material that can be found out there on the internet. It's been an exciting week here at SAPT, and unfortunately the dust from the construction has sucked the creativity out of my brain.  As frustrating as it is for me, it benefits YOU!  Instead of 1 post, you get 5!


Let's start this whole sha-bang off with a video by Eric Helms out of Team3DMJ discussing frequency, volume, and intensity....

 Ever wonder if you should be performing ladder drills?  While there may very well be a time and place for these drills, there are much more effective ways to go about training for speed and explosiveness.  Check out this post by Charles Poliquin, known as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest, strength coach of all time:  The Uselessness of Speed Ladders and Agility Drills

Spring sports have begun.  With this, baseball and softball players have ramped up their throwing and have been demanding more from their shoulders with every passing week.  Time to start strengthening those external rotators, right?  Not so fast...  Eric Cressey is one of the top strength and conditioning minds specializing in baseball players, and he approaches training the rotator cuff from a slightly different angle.  Check out his methods in this article: Clearing Up The Rotator Cuff Controversy.

Do you want to be as strong as an ox, while also having the base endurance to run/bike/play sports for as long as you want at any given moment in time?  Welcome to concurrent training; training for both strength and endurance, at the same time.  Once thought impossible, more and more people are exploring this type of conditioning, and research has come about that actually demonstrates the two types of work may benefit each other.  Marc Lewis wrote a guest blog for Bret Contreras discussing was to Maximize Concurrent Training.

Finally, here's two posts out of BreakingMuscle.  One discussing a few fantastic squat variations that you may not have tried, and another aimed at all you desk jockeys experiencing low back pain.

5 Squat Variations for Strength, Mobility, and Better Movement

10 Short Daily Drills to Combat Low Back Pain