A Discussion Between Trainers

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brandon LaVack of LaVack Fitness based out of Boston. I've mentioned Brandon before and how he's one of my go-to guys for all these training. Brandon is especially talented with dealing with runners and has an incredible program at http://www.runfaster5k.com/ to help you to demolish your competition.

Anyway, Brandon and I got to talk shop on all things being a trainer while my facility was being partially torn down(literally, it was the same day we took down the wall). In it I ramble on about different things such as:

-The importance of continuing education

-Creating a movement curriculum for your clients

-Creating a a referral network

-How I always seem to overstretch my crummy adductors during lateral lunges

-Building your toolbox

-Dealing with clients who are in pain

-Trainers fitting square pegs into round holes

-Me demolishing Brandon in an epic, digital staring contest

Okay, the last one may not have happened, but you'll never know unless you watch the whole thing! If you're new to the field or have CSCS/CPT after your name, I'd highly recommend checking it out and sharing your input on our discussion.