Get Smarter Today. Monday Links

Happy Monday! I was pummeled this weekend with an microscopic invasion resulting in sinus inflammation, leakage, and overall butt-kicking. I was sick.

My head still feels pretty foggy and I doubt I could provide intelligible content (let alone quality information) so I'll let other smart people enlighten you in the ways of iron today.

How to Use Isometrics - Sons of Strength over on Roman Fitness Systems

This is a great article that lays out the benefits of using ISOs as well as optimal exercises with which to employ them. We LOVE isometrics at SAPT. They are a fantastic way to increase the difficulty of an exercise without piling on tons of weight. We also utilize them for teaching, such as a split squat ISO hold instead of a dynamic split squat. We're dabbling in them, too, with out powerlifting crew and we're seeing some encouraging results.

How to Teach Your Clients to "Woman Up"- Erika Hurst

I loved this article! It's always a huge encouragement to me to see other women, not only picking up heavy things with enthusiasm, but stepping into a teaching role is even more fantastic. Our young girls (and older girls :)) need strong role models to guide them and, hopefully, lay a life-long love for staying active.

The Long View of Training- Greg Nuckols

Dean Somerset featured an article by Greg Nuckols and he espoused on a concept that is increasingly foreign in our society: patience. Patience, with particular regard to training, is not something that sells well. (I've raged about this before.) SAPT's approach is definitely for the long-term, and we whole-heartedly agree with Greg.

This is how I spent the majority of my weekend...