How to Dominate Off-Season Baseball Training

The best time of year to make major gains for baseball is in the fall and winter. For the serious (and still developing) athlete, here is a sample weekly breakdown that could be used to maximize the off-season:

Day 1: Plyometrics + Linear Speed + Lower Body Lift

Day 2: OFF

Day 3: Medicine Ball Drills + Upper Body Lift

Day 4: Plyometrics + Lateral Speed + Lower Body Lift

Day 5: OFF

Day 6: Medicine Ball Drills + Upper Body Lift

Day 7: OFF

This sample plan focuses on power, speed, and strength development (and, of course, injury prevention). There will be an appropriate and adequate cardiovascular conditioning effect through each session itself. If desired, extra low-level aerobic conditioning can be completed in the form of walking for 15-30-min at a time several days a week.

Within each individual training day, each drill/exercise that is selected should be chosen to specifically enhance the very specific needs of a baseball player. Position players will have different needs than pitchers and those needs should also be a major priority when planning each training day.

By following training plans that are safe, effective, efficient, and written to the individual’s needs, athletes will make significant strides towards their performance goals that will be directly transferred to the field.

Coach Sarah Walls, founder of SAPT, is a professional performance development coach and personal trainer with over 15-years experience. SAPT offers athletic training programs for individuals of any age and background. Please email Sarah below if you'd like to learn more.