Baseball Training

SAPT College Baseball Training Testimonials: Red Dowdell, Ryan Dickt, & Kent Blackstone

A number of our athletes are headed off to compete in collegiate sports this year, and three of our baseball guys were kind enough to take a couple moments in order to provide some insight into how training at SAPT has helped them to prepare for the high level of competition they'll be facing this upcoming season. I should also note that what they didn't say on camera is that they are some of the hardest working athletes I know, giving it their 100% each and every single time they walked in the door. A good training program is nothing without the athlete following it through no matter what "life" throws at them outside the gym walls, so I tip my hat to these guys for consistently training with conviction and purpose, and setting a shining example to everyone who's fortunate enough to work alongside them.

Take it away fellas!

Red Dowdell - Virginia Military Institute

Position: Catcher High School (Senior) Honors: First-Team All-Met 2012, National District Player of the Year 2012

(Note: Below is Red hitting a big deadlift PR at the end of in-season training this past Spring)


Ryan Dickt - Patrick Henry Junior College

Position: Catcher High School (Senior) Honors: National District Player of the Year 2012, 2nd Team All-Region

(Note: Below is Ryan performing a ground-to-standing transitional movement drill in preparation for the upcoming baseball season.)


 Kent Blackstone - New Mexico State University

Position: Shortstop High School (Senior) Honors: First-Team All Met 2012

Best of luck to all you gentlemen this next year!