Home Workouts: Building Effective Strength Sessions

We’re on part three of how to have successful home workouts. Check out Part 1 and Part 2 here, if you’ve missed them.

If you’ve got some resistance training equipment in your home gym then you are ahead of the curve and no doubt interested in putting together the most effective training session possible. But, unlike the equipment you can find in a commercial gym, you likely still have some constraints with the range of equipment you own.

Home Workout

This means you are in need of a lot of flexibility and variety that, as I mentioned in my last post can and should be regulated by a template to ensure some level of overarching consistency.

With the template design, you can expand it to be fairly extensive. The level of experience you have and the amount of equipment you own will really determine what populates the template.

Below is a general 3x/week training template that allows for a great deal of flexibility for in-home workouts.

Push Pull Template

I’m a big fan of systems and the whole idea of templates is to help systemize and standardize to ensure high quality sessions. You can use the above template a couple different ways: plug and play each workout. The advantage here is lots of variety, the downside is progress will be limited if you are looking for strength gains. With this approach you can enjoy knowing you are healthier and stronger, but remember this approach should be for a limited time only.

The other approach would be to select a month’s worth of exercises and then program design with sets, reps, tempo and load. This approach is great for people with a bit of experience who are looking for predictable progress. The downside is that it does take some time and a bit of knowledge.

With a few key pieces of equipment, a good template, and a willingness to be creative you will be making great progress towards your at-home fitness goals.

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