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The Best Beef Hamburgers (in Bulk)

Whenever I make food in bulk, I always try to make sure the dish checks a several boxes:

  1. The food has got to be at least as delicious as when first prepared once reheated (or just served again in the case of cold dishes).

  2. It has to line up with dietary goals for myself and my family (this generally means it is not processed and made from fresh ingredients).

  3. It needs to be budget friendly. This generally means, I’m looking towards ground beef, turkey, dark chicken meat, and stews or soups for main dishes.

For many years, I was trapped in the chicken, rice, and broccoli food vortex. This is the stereotypical bodybuilding diet that is devoid of much in the way of healthy fats and flavor. Never again. Taste is king and you can get that while aligning with your other goals.

Perfect Burger

One of the most simple and delicious bulk meals I like to make - that everyone loves - are hamburgers (with or without a traditional bun). If you don’t eat red meat, then this isn’t the recipe for you. But if you do, here is the best way to make the most delicious burger.

I like to read recipes and tend to try to learn from trained chefs and brilliantly creative home cooks, alike. Recently, I learned from a chef that putting other ingredients into ground beef for a loaded-style burger is really frowned upon by the upper echelons of the culinary world. Personally, I like burgers with stuff packed in the meat! But, I kept reading because this chef claimed that all you need for the perfect burger patty is a fatty ground beef (85/15 or 80/20) and a lot of salt.

Hey, if he was correct, then all I was saving was preparation time and money.

Not only does this simple approach cut down on preparation time, but it also reduces the cost per burger significantly - given the other ingredients you are not having to buy and the encouragement to enjoy a ground beef with higher fat content.

The Perfect Burger (in Bulk)

3-lbs ground beef (the fattier the better)

Sea salt to taste

Fresh ground black pepper to taste

Form each patty into LOOSELY packed patties. I can’t emphasize how important it is to pack them loosely. If they are packed too tight, each burger patty ends up feeling like you are eating a dry hockey puck.

Then generously season one side of the burger with salt and pepper. Throw them seasoning side down on a skillet or grill and season the other side before letting them cook for 4-5 minutes (or however long you need to get the desired level of doneness).

Let the burgers rest for about 5-minutes and then plate them up however you like! They may be so delicious and juicy that you don’t find the need to add much of anything at all to the top.

The last step in this is equally as important as the preparation - it’s the storage of the leftover burgers. After taking whatever is being eaten for that meal, immediately place the leftovers in airtight storage containers. I really like this style because when you reheat, the moisture stays in the container and helps keeps the meat juicy and fresh tasting.

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RunFAST - SAPT's Secret Program Development

I’ll be honest, I’ve got a secret... it’s about a new program SAPT is developing. We’ll actually be launching all the info about it next week, but I’ve got to let on about it at least a little! I’m simply way too pumped up and have had a little too much coffee to keep this under my hat any longer.

It’s so exciting and will introduce yet another innovative, high-octane training method to the area via our resident performance coaching geniuses at SAPT.

This is the type of program that is born from those really special places that foster high-levels of both creativity and respect. An incubator for ideas where art and science merge. The type of place that values quality, service, and creativity above all else. That’s where these kinds of innovations come from.

The program is called RunFAST... that’s all I’m going to mention, as I think the name tells enough.

And, I have to also tell you this new innovative approach we’ll launch next week is just the tip of the iceberg. I wish I could let on about all our projects. But, for the moment, I’ll simply leave you with SAPT’s Big 3: Purpose, Vision, and Mission. Read into them as you like...

Our Purpose: Strengthening bodies and minds to support excellence in life.

Our Vision: People of all ages, abilities, and resources will have access to, appreciation for, and engagement in regular physical fitness training that will lead to improvements in all aspects of daily life.

Our Mission: To develop, research, and share our comprehensive approach to physical fitness training that fosters long-term engagement, promotes excellence in life, nurtures human relationships and inspires the lifelong pursuit of health through exercise.

Please stay tuned to next week on the blog... we’ll be devoting the whole week to RunFAST details!