Sign Up for the SAPT 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Lift

Thanksgiving morning we will be hosting the SAPT 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Lift. It goes without saying that it is an utter blast, and a great way to prep your body for the inevitable engorging to take place during the Turkey Feast later in the day.

Sign Up Details

We're actually having a sign up this year, to ensure that we're not overcrowded and everyone has ample room to move around. You can sign up for either 8am or 930am. We'll be shutting down at 11am. Please contact Kelsey, at, and let her know what time you'd like to arrive, and to make sure you have a spot.

Also: Note that you don't have to be a current member of SAPT to join in the fun. We love to use this as a time for friends, family, and those who simply live locally (or not so locally, as we have those driving up from Richmond), to share a good time before heading off to our respective celebrations!

50% OFF: The 50/50 Training Challenge

The 50/50 Training Challenge - 50% OFF for 1 Special Team!

If you're a regular reader of SAPTstrength, you've no doubt noticed our recent introduction of Mental Mondays which is leading the way to SAPT's additional focus towards mental preparation and coaching. Well, Mental Mondays are merely the tip of the iceberg in new service offerings that are directed at one specific portion of our mission statement:

Our mission is to provide quality comprehensive training products and services to help facilitate and educate our clientele towards athletic and intellectual success on every level from amateur to professional. To achieve our mission we will conduct business with the following responsibilities in mind: obey the law, take care of our employees, take care of our clientele, respect our competition, respect our environment, participate in our community...

I crafted that statement over 5 years ago. Happily, we've been adhering to this mission quite well. But, there is one main area that still needs work:

  • " facilitate and educate our clientele towards... intellectual success on every level..." This one's now in our crosshairs!

Since we've recently teamed up with CAPE Performance Mental Coach Brian Levenson, SAPT is now capable of formally addressing the intellectual (or mental) success of our clients!

Our first official combined service offering is called The 50/50 Challenge.

This challenge is a grueling combination of physical and mental training challenges to help your team improve cohesion and learn to handle & overcome adversity. *Think of this as similar in end goal to ropes courses, but with a direct link to tangible performance indicators and much closer to sport itself.

Throughout this one-day physical and mental intensive session, you and the team's coaching staff will learn how to reinforce your team’s and each individual’s mental approach to all aspects of training.

Your athletes will finish the day with a thorough understanding of how their mental game impacts and affects everything from their rehab programs, weight training, practices, and - ultimately - wins and losses.

Uncover and discover a secondary layer of benefits reaped from your team’s regular practices, strength and conditioning program, and competitions as the 5 Primary Physical and Mental Training Themes converge throughout the day:

  1. Focus and Concentration 
  2. Team Cohesion 
  3. Preparation/Routine 
  4. Energy Management
  5. Controlling Controllables 

Coaches: Steve Reed and Brian Levenson

Location: The SAPT training facility

Date: We will try to stick to Saturdays (but this can be customized)

Time: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM for this special offering

Cost: 1000.00 per team 500.00 for one special team!

Why the deep discount? It's simple, we've already booked some local NCAA D1 college programs and need the chance to get in a practice run to work out any kinks that may pop up!

If you want to take advantage of this offer, you must have a team that is available to come to the SAPT training facility for this challenge NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 1st!

Email, ME:, to get signed up!

After all, you don't have to lose games to learn how to handle adversity!


Rentable Practice Space: You Want It, We Got It

Beginning Monday, August 13th...

Rentable Practice Space Available:

  • Features:
    • 35' x 35' open area for sport specific skill development.
      • Get creative! We think it's perfect for baseball & softball, basketball, soccer, dryland training, golf, lacrosse, and more!
      • Group and Team reservations WELCOME!
      • "Freelance" skill instructors WELCOME!*
    • 3-Batting Cages
      • 15' x 40'
      • Ideal for soft-toss and tee work
      • Group and Team reservations WELCOME!
      • "Freelance" skill instructors are WELCOME!*
      • Maximum 3 athletes and one coach per cage (or 4 athletes).
    • Or, Take the Cake, with a TOTAL FACILITY RESERVATION!
      • 40' x 80' open space
  • Benefits:
    • Make reservations online & from your SMART PHONE. Easy peezy.
    • Monitored by SAPT staff to ensure a safe, clean, and welcoming environment is maintained at all times.
    • A low total facility capacity is enforced to encourage a safe & spacious training environment!
  • Pricing:
    • 35' x 35' skill space - $30.00 per hour
    • 15' x 40' batting cage - $40.00 per hour
    • 40' x 80' total facility - $150.00 per hour
  • Location:
    • 3831 Pickett Road, Fairfax, VA 22031
Ready to roll?!?! Contact Ryan at or 800-511-9685 ext. 7 to get setup!

Limited reservations available beginning Monday, August 13th. Book today before the rest of NOVA gets wind of our little gem on Pickett!

*Skill instruction is subject to SAPT's review and acceptance. No, personal trainers or strength and conditioning coaches, please.