WOW: Week of Workouts 3/13/18

WOW: HIIT Training

A HIIT program (aka high intensity interval training) is a punishing training method in which you will be performing exercises at maximal effort for a short period of time with a short rest period right after it.

HIIT still seems new and shiny, but has been around awhile: circuit training, anyone? This is just a variation of a circuit that falls on the side of spectrum where you enter the workout a little frightened and inevitably get "the look" after your heart rate tops out and stays close to maximum (not the same as the leisurely machine circuits popularized in the 80s and 90s).

All of the exercises should be done with a moderate to low weight to perform as many reps as possible in this short period of time. These workouts will be under 20 minutes long so they are ideal for someone who is on the run!

Let's start off the week with a nice, even, full body burn.

Let's start off the week with a nice, even, full body burn.

HIIT Upper.png
HIIT Lower.png

Onto week 5 of the 8-week conditioning program. If you haven't started but want to give it a go, please head on back to Week 1 to get going!

Warm up and core work.png
Week 5 Conditioning.png
Cool Down.png

Another week in the books! Keep on the look out for next week's suspension strap ONLY Week of Workouts (WOW)!