WOW: Week of Workouts 3/20/18

WOW: Suspension Strap Training

Suspension straps (aka TRX - the brand) are a great way to squeeze in an excellent workout virtually anywhere. Suspension straps are great for travel or if you have a limited amount of floor space.

Below we have divided the week up into 3 days: lower body, upper body, and core. Dare I say that the core workout will be one of the hardest things you've ever done.

The videos are worth watching as we've dug up some variations for this post that we'd never seen or tried before this (the front squat is pretty awesome and great for those with lower body restrictions but who have good core strength).

Say, you'd like to do this workout but aren't ready to pay for the real deal? Then try making your own suspension trainers. Former coach Steve Reed famously made the first YouTube video that showed how to do just that. Check out this oldie but goodie of a video:

Let's start off the week with a nice, even, full body burn.

Let's start off the week with a nice, even, full body burn.

SS Upper.png
SS Core.png

Here is week 6 of the 8-week conditioning program. If you haven't started but want to give it a go, please head on back to Week 1 to get going!

Warm up and core work.png
Week 6 Conditioning.png
Cool Down.png

Enjoy the week and this first beautiful day of spring. If you consider an impending snow storm a good way to start spring.